At Midwest Pipe & Steel, we take the phrase “We Deliver” to heart. It means more than just shipping structural or flat-rolled steel to our customers. It means:

We Deliver Service: From working with you on contract terms such as payment and delivery, to turning quotes around quickly, we treat customers as we would like to be treated.

We Deliver Value: Centrally located in northeast Indiana, we are less than a six-hour drive from seven of the country’s 10 largest cities, ensuring next-day delivery when necessary. Because of our strategic location, the savings in shipping costs alone can be significant.

We Deliver Quality: We deal only in prime, fully-certified steel products.

We Deliver Integrity: Since 1980, we have fulfilled our promises to customers. We take pride in living up to your expectations of us. Through our history, we’ve weathered turbulent markets, commodity storms, and technological change—and because of our integrity, we stand stronger than ever today.