The Midwest Family

As a family-owned and operated business, Midwest Pipe & Steel, Inc. has a “family” of its own, namely our sister companies, Paragon Steel and Paragon Tube.

Opened in 1996, Paragon Steel has fast become the region's premier processor, distributor and warehouse for flat-rolled steel. The company’s strategic location on the campus of Steel Dynamics in Butler, Indiana ensures that your material is rolled, processed and delivered in a timely fashion, saving you time and money.

Paragon Tube in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a mill specializing in producing and maintaining inventory of mechanical and structural tubing for the service center, distribution, and warehouse industries. Paragon Tube—your pipeline to service and quality, since 1990.

These companies—owned in part or in whole by Jerry Henry—allow Midwest Pipe to be your comprehensive steel supplier. Contact us to learn more about our family of steel service centers.